Hey there campers,
Those long suffering followers of Sabby's London File will see that after about 9 months I have bothered to get around to fixing it up a bit.
The new format will hopefully be easier for you guys to navigate and also easier for me to keep up.  There is this page that I will endeavour to review once a month (at the least) and then the
Photo Links Page where you will find futher links to pages of photos corresponding to my activities.
Apart from that I am well.  The weather is improving here and I am getting back into the outdoors.  Work is treating me well although it has been stressful recently with lots of changes about and I feel like I need a holiday badly.
And that's exactly what I plan to do.  I am planning a trip to Naples and the Amalfi coast in Italy sometime this summer and a trip maybe to the US or Morocco later in the year.  Any of those reading in the UK or US or anywhere, you are more than welcome to join me, just let me know.
Hope you enjoy all the new stuff on the pages.  Let me know what works and what     doesn't.
Lots of Love,
Pictures of the Month - Nice
Upcoming Events:
Concerts:     Neil Finn + Alex Lloyd, Beck.
Theatre:        Macbeth at the Globe
Sports:           World Superbikes and British F1 and 500cc Grand Prix
Travelling:     Denmark, Scotland and Italy.
Misc:             Toyota Track Day at Brands Hatch
Concert Review:

Neil Finn with Alex Lloyd in support

Bridgette and I in attendence (along with half of the Australian and Kiwi population of London).
Excellent night.  I didn't even know Alex Lloyd would be in support when I bought the tickets.  His act was marred by bad mixing, but towards the end they got it right and he sounded great.  I think he must be really shy in real life because he hardly spoke to the crowd the whole performance.  Definately won some new fans that night.
Then came Neil.  Neil is a seasoned performer.  He talked to the crowd, he took requests, he got a member of the crowd up to sing Four Seasons in One Day with him, etc.  As a result everyone got right into the night and it totally made the atmosphere.
Next concert is Beck at the end of June.  Watch this space.